In an era where environmental responsibility is becoming crucial in the sports world, it is imperative that we, as sports entities, set the correct precedent. At League Sports Co. (LSC) and Team Blue Rising, sustainability is a core value that is a cornerstone of our operations. We are proud to take a noteworthy step forward in our journey, by extending our partnership with the Universal Carbon Registry (UCR) to now encompass Team Blue Rising. This collaboration underscores our commitment to making every race carbon-neutral by monitoring and managing the carbon footprint associated with Team Blue Rising-controlled activities. As a part of this long-term partnership with UCR, Team Blue Rising is proud to support emission-reducing hydro-power projects in developing countries that contribute to local communities by providing clean, renewable energy and supporting economic development at the grassroots.

Sustainability as a Core Brand Ethos

Sustainability (besides technology and inclusivity) is a fundamental pillar of our brand ethos at both LSC and Team Blue Rising. It's not just about compliance; it's about leading by example and empowering others to join us. We believe in making every race carbon-neutral for Team Blue Rising-controlled activities, and aligning our team with E1’s sustainability philosophy. By integrating sustainability-driven practices into our operations and contributing to green projects for activities beyond our direct control, we are not just racing for championship points; we aspire to drive change and foster a culture of responsibility that we hope will define the future of motorsports. This prestigious partnership is one of the many that Team Blue Rising envisions, and a starting point in our sustainability journey with innovative climate solutions.

About Universal Carbon Registry (UCR)

Universal Carbon Registry (UCR) is a global standard and registry platform for voluntary carbon credits, and India's first and largest platform that specialises in certifying carbon credits for renewable energy projects in developing nations, with a strong focus on projects in India. Known for its rigorous standards and transparent verification processes, UCR ensures that every project is aligned with overarching sustainability goals. Universal Carbon Registry actively records the issuance, ownership, and retirement of rigorously evaluated carbon credits, ensuring transparency at each step while preventing any double counting. This partnership enhances Team Blue Rising's sustainability credentials and ensures our actions positively impact the grassroots level.

Supporting Hydro-Powered Projects in Developing Nations

As a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy and as part of our long-term partnership with UCR, Team Blue Rising supports emission-reducing hydro-power projects in developing countries. These projects contribute to the economic and social development of local communities, and help us with the carbon footprint generated as a part of our team controlled activities. By investing in clean, renewable energy sources, we extend our impact beyond the racetrack, providing lasting benefits and supporting sustainable growth in regions that need it most.

A Collective Effort for a Greener Future

Through strategic partnerships, our goal is to catalyze a movement that raises awareness about our carbon footprint, and highlights the impact of every action. We aim to encourage a shift towards more sustainable operational practices across the broader sports community. 

By working together with UCR and aligning with the E1 Series' sustainability philosophy, we believe in the ethos of collective efforts in making a meaningful impact. We are enthusiastic about advancing this journey with our partners, fans, and the global sports community, inspiring widespread action towards sustainable practices in sports and beyond. We at LSC and Team Blue Rising are committed to advancing this journey of impact, emphasising that winning races also means winning for the planet.