Adi K Mishra, FOUNDER, LSC (left) and Virat Kohli, GLOBAL SPORTS ICON (right)
Adi K Mishra, co-owner of Team Blue Rising and Founder of League Sports Co. (left) and Virat Kohli, GLOBAL SPORTS ICON (right)

Team Blue Rising Partners with Princeton Electric Speedboating for E1 World Championship

In a significant development within the realm of electric speedboating, Team Blue Rising, co-owned by eminent cricket personality Virat Kohli, and sports technology entrepreneur and founder of LSC, Adi K Mishra, has announced a strategic partnership with Princeton Electric Speedboating, a student-led engineering team from Princeton University. This collaboration comes in the wake of Princeton Electric Speedboating's remarkable feat in setting a new World Electric Water Speed Record.

Record-Breaking Achievement by Princeton Electric Speedboating

Princeton Electric Speedboating has recently distinguished itself by achieving a world record with a two-way kilometer average speed of 114.20 mph. This accomplishment not only exemplifies the team's engineering prowess but also underscores the burgeoning potential of electric propulsion in maritime applications.

Princeton Electric Speedboating shatters world record for fastest electric-powered boat
“A lot of people said, ‘there’s no way you’re gonna beat that record, look at your competition,’” CEO of Princeton Electric Speedboating Andrew Robbins ’25 said. “When we started this project, we told ourselves, well, we might try and fail . . . but it’s definitely worth going for.”

Strategic Alliance with Black Sheep Racing

In addition to Princeton Electric Speedboating, Team Blue Rising has fortified its technical capabilities by allying with Black Sheep Racing. This partnership is poised to augment the team's competencies in engineering and innovation, integral to their ambitions in the UIM E1 World Championship.

Virat Kohli’s Involvement and Vision for Sustainability

Virat Kohli
Kohli's commitment to sustainability and empowerment of women in sports, reflect the team's core values.

Cricket legend Virat Kohli’s co-ownership of Team Blue Rising transcends beyond a mere sporting collaboration. His profound dedication to sustainability and empowering women in sports is in synergy with the team's core values. Kohli’s active role in promoting these pivotal causes is both inspirational and aligns seamlessly with the team’s ethos.

Adi K Mishra’s Perspective on the Partnership

Adi K Mishra, co-owner of Team Blue Rising and Founder of League Sports Co., has articulated the strategic significance of this partnership. He highlights how the alliance with Princeton Electric Speedboating epitomizes the team's commitment to innovation and sustainable sports practices, resonating with the ethos of the E1 World Championship.

Andrew Robbins’ Statement on the Collaboration

Andrew Robbins, President of Princeton Electric Speedboating, expressed enthusiasm regarding this partnership. Robbins envisions this collaboration as a pioneering venture in a new form of racing, leveraging some of the most advanced electric technologies. This alliance is a testament to their readiness to assist Team Blue Rising in achieving competitive success.

Expanding Collaborative Horizons with STEM Initiatives

In a broader initiative, Team Blue Rising is extending its vision of innovation and sustainability by inviting academic collaborations with universities in India and the UAE. These partnerships aim to merge academic research with practical sports applications, nurturing future talent in sustainable technology and engineering.

Students on the Princeton Electric Speedboating team.

Preparation for the UIM E1 World Championship

As the inaugural season of the UIM E1 World Championship approaches in February 2024, Team Blue Rising, in concert with Princeton Electric Speedboating and Black Sheep Racing, is gearing up to redefine the paradigms of electric raceboating. This collaboration embodies a shared vision of excellence, innovation, and sustainability in sports.

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