Unveiling LSC: A Vision for the Future Of Sports Entwined With Breakthrough Technology
League Sports Co

Unveiling LSC: A Vision for the Future Of Sports Entwined With Breakthrough Technology

From the CEO's Desk

A Journey of Three Years in the Making

In the modern world of sports and technology, powerful innovations are often a result of relentless progression. League Sports Co (LSC) embarked on such an evolutionary journey three years ago. For the past 3 years, we have been actively building to usher in a new era in sports entertainment. Driven by the shared vision of our diverse team - a fusion of sports enthusiasts, thought-leaders, and technologists, we have successfully developed a unique ecosystem that unites the fervour of sports with the transformative power of technology. Today, we stand at the threshold of a new era, our vision clearer and our resolve stronger, ready to shape the future of sports with a fresh, bold perspective.

Why Sports? Connecting People, Now More Than Ever

Sports are a lot more than just games. They are a universal phenomenon, a global passion, uniting people beyond geographical, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. The enduring allure of sports, from the drama of ancient Roman Colosseums to the energy of today's stadiums, is why we at LSC focus on this field. By intertwining the timeless essence of sports with innovative technologies like AI and Web3, we aim to enhance these shared human experiences. Our goal is to build a platform that breaks past traditional limits and connects people worldwide in a way that’s both innovative and deeply human.

The Rise of AI: A Game-Changer Across All Spheres

As we venture deeper into the 21st century, AI is no longer a concept confined to the realms of science fiction. It's become an integral part of our everyday lives, fundamentally transforming the way we live, work, and play. The advent of GPT-4 and other generative AI models like Midjourney, has caused a significant disruption in various industries, radically transforming the way we live and work. These advanced AI technologies have already revolutionized sectors such as customer service, education, and content creation, enabling the automation of tasks and enhancing human productivity.

Midjourney Art

In the realm of sports, AI's presence is increasingly discernible. Its power to refine player analytics, game-day strategies, fan engagement, and immersive experiences is certainly transformative, marking a new chapter in sports evolution. But the world of sports is as much about the human spirit as about the game itself - it's about tribes, shared passions, the thrill of competition, and the exhilaration of victory. As such, while AI might fine-tune the mechanics of the game, it cannot replace the inherently human aspects that form the essence of sports. The unpredictability of a live match, the emotional investment of players and fans, the shared joys and disappointments - these remain uniquely human experiences that AI, despite its growing influence, cannot fully replicate.

Subjective Realities and Human Experiences Make Up the True Essence of Sports

Chess & Baseball: How AI grows demand for Human Ingenuity and the Unpredictable

Chess is a shining example of this intersection of AI and human competition. AI bots demonstrably surpassed human grandmasters, yet the allure of watching human strategy and intuition at play remains irresistible. In chess, the rise of AI hasn't dampened the game's popularity. Instead, it has amplified the sport's allure with currently over 800 million Chess players in the world. Despite AI's unassailable skill level, the emotional depth, strategy, and human drama that unfolds on the chessboard with human players captivate audiences worldwide. Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen's accusations against his rival of AI assistance sparked global interest, underlining the deep-seated importance of human competition. Chess, at its core, is about the journey, the struggle, and the triumph of the human spirit. These elements coalesce into a powerful sense of community and shared identity, creating a 'tribe' of chess enthusiasts united by their passion for the game.

Baseball, much like chess, has benefited from AI & Machine Learning’s influence on strategic decisions, training, and player analysis. Yet, the heart of baseball remains its unpredictability — the perfectly timed homerun or the risky double play. These elements, driven by human ingenuity and audacity, cannot be produced by algorithms. They are the instances that truly captivate the fans, creating shared moments of excitement and tension that unite the baseball community. These shared experiences, driven by the inherent unpredictability of the game, form the essence of the 'baseball tribe.'

As Sam Altman, Founder of OpenAI, aptly pointed out in his conversation with Lex Friedman, despite the existence of chess bots for over 40 years, we still crave to see humans play. This craving is rooted in our appreciation of the human spirit - the unpredictable, the imperfect, the emotional. In both chess and baseball, it's evident that while AI can enhance performance and refine strategy, it's the fundamentally human elements that make sports truly captivating, forging strong community 'tribes' that unite by shared experiences and passion. The future of sports lies in harnessing AI’s power to augment and expand the moments of triumphing human spirit and will.

Preserving the Essence of Sports in an AI-Dominated Era

While Artificial Intelligence's capabilities continue to expand into diverse realms, we must remember that its perfection cannot fully capture the true spirit of sports. Take, for example, the game of curling, a niche sport that requires a blend of strategy and precision.

AI Hits The Ice

While AI might perfectly chart the path of every throw, executing 'perfect' moves every time, it is the unpredictability and the inherent human element that make the game truly captivating. Watching a robotic arm perform a flawless curl repetitively or witnessing two robots playing soccer without a single error might seem impressive initially. However, this perfection soon becomes monotonous. It is the human foibles, the unexpected moves, and the momentary lapses that inject excitement and drama into the sport.

Certain aspects of the sports industry, particularly in-person experiences like attending football matches, offer something increasingly rare in today's digital world. These human experiences provide opportunities for men to express their emotions and bond with one another, creating moments that are cherished and valued. These moments of collective victory, shared defeat, and raw emotion, are impossible to truly replicate through technology. The rarity of such authentic experiences escalates their value, making them a sought-after treasure in sports, providing a depth of connection that extends far beyond the field of play.

In the world of sports, perfection isn't the ultimate goal, the strive for perfection is. As we navigate through this AI-dominated era, we must ensure that the technology serves to enhance sports without undermining its essence. The core of every sport, whether mainstream or niche, resides in its historic imperfections, its unpredictable moments of triumph and defeat, and its human spirit.

The LSC Portfolio: The Next Generation of Sports Entertainment and Technology

We're living in a time when technology is changing the game, quite literally. At League Sports Co (LSC), we're, bringing together the excitement of sports and the capabilities of tech in ways that have never been done before. And it's not just about changing how the game is played, but also how it's experienced.

Our journey of revolution is spearheaded by three pioneering brands - WBL, Zone, and MetaBoundless - each a distinct testament to our commitment to fusing sports with cutting-edge technology.

World Bowling League (WBL): Elevating Bowling to New Heights

League Sports Co acquired the rights to the sport of 10-pin, 9-pin and 5-pin bowling in a 9-figure, 10+10-year  deal. It is now launching World Bowling League, a premier 10-pin bowling league set in iconic worldwide locations, with new rules and gamification. WBL is set to revolutionise a centuries-old sport by organising global touring circuits utilising cutting-edge technologies like cloud production, blockchain and artificial intelligence to elevate the fan experience.


World Bowling League (WBL) is enabling greater inclusivity into this professional sport. With gender-balanced squads of 6-8 members and a 2-2 playing team, the WBL is breaking barriers and setting new norms for global sports. This innovative team structure underpins our commitment to equality, demonstrating that world-class competition and diversity can thrive side by side.

World Bowling League: Immersive, Inclusive, Global.

Zone: The Future of Web3 Gaming

Zone, a web3 gaming platform, enables gamers to monetize their gaming skills by competing against other gamers on the Zone platform. Over 15 million games have been played via an extensive online game catalogue. Gamers can participate in tournaments and compete in team challenges, solo challenges or player vs player battles and earn crypto.


Zone is one of the world’s most active blockchain gaming platforms with high daily and monthly active users. It will further scale by integrating more real-world sports assets owned by LSC. In this way, Zone continues to add unique sports game titles and furthers its position as the blockchain game platform leader. With more than half a million total unique wallets and over 16 million on-chain transactions recorded, Zone is revolutionising the future of gaming, by introducing a web3 future without borders!

Zone User Growth from September 2022 to March 2023

MetaBoundless: Disrupting the Sports Viewing Experience

MetaBoundless is a radically new streaming platform where fans can engage with their favourite sport, teams, and athletes in an immersive way. By gamifying the viewer’s experience, we have transformed passive spectatorship into an engaging, interactive, and personalized experience. At MetaBoundless, we're taking the fan experience to a new level and making every match a memorable encounter.


With MetaBoundless, fans don't just watch their favorite sports - they engage with them. They don't just follow their favorite teams and players - they interact with them. Our platform's innovative features, from state-of-the-art vertical streaming for mobile viewers to multi-camera angle switching, let you tailor your viewing experience to your personal preferences. With interactive elements like live prediction games, live chats and Real-time Trivia, we're making the in-game experience more engaging than ever before.

In October 2022, Metaboundless hosted the first Arab Metaverse concert, and successfully implemented NFT ticketing, low latency broadcasting at scale and fan polling for leading Arab celebrities who starred in the virtual concert.

First Metaverse Concert In UAE by MetaBoundless

LSC’s Activation through Participation is the Winning Formula for the Gen Z Era

Collectively, LSC’s assets form an unprecedented sports-tech ecosystem designed around a core principle: 'Activation through Participation'. We can fuse this model into any sport in the world and create unprecedented value for both the Sport’s owners and fans.


Captivating the fleeting attention of Gen-Z, a generation that thrives on instant digital gratification has never been more crucial. The Gen-Z population, defined by their quick-paced engagement patterns and increased affinity towards esports like Fortnite and Valorant, demands a revolutionary solution. They are accustomed to interactive, participatory experiences - something that traditional sports often fail to provide. The advent of platforms like TikTok and YouTube, combined with the cord-cutting trend, has reshaped the media consumption habits of this generation, creating a gap in sports viewership. Hence, to hold Gen-Z's attention, it is crucial that they feel part of the experience. This is where League Sports Co steps in. We apply our technology portfolio to create Activation through Participation, utilizing the leading tools from esports, real money gaming, blockchain, and AI.

Activation Through Participation

Imagine a world where the thrill of sports meets the competitive excitement of games like Hunger Games, Squid Games, and Running Man. A world where fans are not just spectators but part of the action, experiencing the game with real-world incentives. This is the world that LSC is bringing into existence, a world that appeals to the interactive nature of Gen-Z and invites them to be an integral part of the sports experience. Because it's not just about watching a game anymore; it's about being part of it. It's about turning every match into a personal experience, with fans feeling the heartbeat of the game, living every moment, every decision, every stroke of luck or genius.

The LSC Vision: Capturing the Timeless Essence of Sports through Strategic Acquisitions

At LSC, our mission is to transform the sports entertainment landscape by strategically acquiring, investing in, and operating cutting-edge sports tech brands. We believe that while AI and automation may commoditize many aspects of our lives, they will only enhance the value of authentic human experiences that tap into our shared emotions and communal identities, and will never be able to replace the human essence of sports. We believe the deepening of our constructed realities and tribal connections is what make Sports one of our timeless and sacred pastimes.

From sports acquisitions and celebrity partnerships to breakthroughs in AI and blockchain, there is more to come as LSC redefines the world of sports.

At LSC, we are not just spectators of the future; we are its architects.


Adi K Mishra

CEO, League Sports Co